So long, Lizzy Too

It’s official — we are RV-less.

Our last look at Lizzy Too on an unusually rainy day at home base in New Mexico

After listing our fifth-wheel for sale on less than two weeks ago, she was snapped up yesterday by a couple from Colorado. They are currently living in an older fifth-wheel and were ready to upgrade to something newer and nicer. They already had the right truck and hitch, and had money in the bank for a quick transaction (we had the title in hand for our rig).

They are currently camped in the mountains of Arizona near Tombstone, and when they saw our online ad, they immediately contacted us to ask questions and set up a tour. We already had a showing scheduled for someone else on Friday afternoon, but these guys were ready to move quickly. They showed up yesterday around 11:00 AM, asked all the right questions and checked everything out, and after we quickly discussed price, they headed for their credit union branch here in Deming to get a certified check for us.

A few hours later, after having lunch and signing the paperwork, they hitched up Lizzy Too to their truck, pulled her out of our driveway, and headed back to Arizona to start their own moving process so they can put their old rig on the market.

How appropriate that the sun came out as Lizzy Too left us for new adventures!

It all happened so fast, and it still feels pretty weird to look out the window and not see that beautiful Reflection sitting in the driveway.

So the next step is to get the truck listed for sale. I need to take some photos of it for the ad, make sure I have all the specs correct, and do some research on the market value. But I hope to have the ad online by the end of the day today or tomorrow at the latest.

And yes, we are already on the hunt for our next RV. We want to go back to a small Class C motorhome, something similar to our first rig which was a 2014 Thor Chateau 22E. Since we don’t plan to be full-timers any more and we now own a home base property, we won’t need to haul around all our worldly possessions when we go on our adventures. We want to be able to travel for 6-8 weeks at a time, and we can easily carry what we need in the smaller rig. We have a specific model and floorplan in mind, but I won’t say more than that right now. We’ll just surprise you when the time comes! 🙂

This was our original rig, and we’ll be on the hunt for something similar.

We are just itching to be able to travel again! The state parks are still closed here in New Mexico, but the number of COVID cases is declining here (knock on wood!), so there’s hope that government officials will start reopening some things by the time spring weather rolls in. And I really want to be able to visit my family as soon as possible, so we’re not going to wait too long before we pull the trigger on another rig.

So stay tuned here to the blog to find out where we go from here. And if you’re interested in a great tow vehicle, hit me up, we have one for sale!! 🙂

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