Home Base Update – Closing in a Pandemic

Currently located at Escapees Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, New Mexico:

Just wanted to give everyone another quick update on where things stand on our purchase of our home base property here in Deming, New Mexico. Because the transaction is a relatively simple one (cash purchase, no lien on the seller’s side), we’ve been able to speed up the closing date from May 12 to this Monday, May 4.

We just found this out two days ago on Tuesday, so we’ve been scrambling for the past couple of days to get all our ducks in a row. The funds that we’re using for the purchase were in our online Discover savings account, so I knew I would have to get them transferred to our Wells Fargo checking account prior to closing. Fortunately (a premonition?) I had already requested the funds transfer on Monday, the day before we found out about the new closing date. I wanted to get it done early because it always takes 3-4 days for these funds transfers to go through. But the money finally showed up in our Wells Fargo account this morning, and we’re good to go.

The next step is to get a cashier’s check for the closing. We got the settlement statement yesterday so we know the exact amount for the check. The issue now is that all the Wells Fargo branches are only allowing drive-through transactions unless you make an appointment to see a banker. I went online to their website and made an appointment for Friday afternoon to get the cashier’s check, but then they called me and said that they could handle it at the drive-through window. That’s fine with me, but I hope the person who pulls up behind us has some patience!

Springtime in Deming – flowers on my walking path

Yesterday I spent several hours online and on the phone, making arrangements to have our utilities turned on for move-in. It was quite an interesting process:

  • Water/sewer/trash – This service is handled by the City of Deming. Their offices are currently closed to public traffic, so all the forms have to be printed off their website, filled out and signed, and then dropped off in their un-manned lobby. We also have to provide a copy of our ID, a copy of the proof of ownership of the property (meaning we have to do this AFTER we close on Monday), along with a $100 deposit. To complicate things further, we do not own a printer/copier–it’s one of the things that we elected NOT to keep when we got rid of all our possessions, since we rarely need to print or make copies. We usually just go to the library if we need copies made, but right now the libraries are all closed. There is one other business in town that makes copies, and fortunately they’re “essential” so they’re still open. We’ll be able to go to Sureprint right after the close on Monday to get all our copies made for the City for our water service. And as for printing the application form from their website, the lady that I talked to on the phone said they had application forms in the un-manned lobby that we could pick up ahead of time, so we’ll do that tomorrow.
  • Electricity – This service is handled by PNM. When I called them yesterday, I spoke to one of their associates who was working from home, somewhere in Albuquerque. I gave him my information (birth date and SSN) and he said he had to run an ID verification to make sure I was who I said I was. He said that sometimes when they check SSNs, the system returns multiple names for the same number, usually due to someone typing in someone else’s SSN incorrectly when that person was applying for credit somewhere. Sure enough, my number returned more than one name, although he didn’t tell me what the other names were. The guy then suggested that we try Andy’s information, and his SSN worked fine so we set up the account in his name. The guy waived the requirement for a deposit, and we went ahead and set up the account to auto-draft each month since we still plan to travel as much as possible.
  • Gas – This service is handled by NM Gas Company. When I called their number, the automated message let us know that all their associates were working from home, and to not be surprised if we heard pets or children in the background. When were were connected to the associate, we were also greeted by the sound of a dog in the background. The barking continued throughout the entire call, and she explained that her daughter was walking the other dog, and the one in the house was jealous. I gave her my information for the account, and when she went to set it up she tried to run a credit check. Of course, we have all our credit reporting services frozen due to the data breach that Experion had several years ago. She said we could either unfreeze the Experion credit report and then call back later to complete the setup, or we could just pay the $50 deposit. I told her we would just pay the deposit, since we’ll get it back after making 12 on-time payments. I also set this one up to auto-draft from our checking account.

The other thing we had to do was get insurance in place for the new property. Since we already use Progressive for the truck and RV, I just added the home base property to our existing coverage at a rate of $681/year (covers the home and the separate workshop). However, once we get settled in after next week, I plan to shop around a little bit. We originally used Progressive because they are one of the few insurance companies who will insure an RV that’s used as a full-time residence. Since we won’t be full-timers any longer, we can drop that part of the coverage and just insure the rig as a typical RV, which means there are more options for coverage.

The seller left us a dream-catcher on the wall. Very nice, but that wallpaper has got to go!

According to our realtor, the seller has already taken care of the two items that we requested from the inspection report: installing GFCI plugs in the kitchen and bathrooms, and de-winterizing the evaporative cooler so we can run it and verify that it works. We will do the final walk-through of the property tomorrow morning (Friday) to make sure everything is ready for the closing on Monday.

It’s actually been kind of nice to have something to keep us busy for the past few days, instead of just sitting around social-distancing.

I’ve joined some local Facebook groups and I follow the social media accounts for the local newspaper so we can get more familiar with our new home base. Earlier this week I saw a notice in the Deming Headlight (local paper) where the Deming Art Council announced that their annual Luna County Art Show is going to be presented virtually this year. They are inviting local artists to submit photos of their artwork (painting, sculpture, fiber arts, jewelry and more), and they’ll be posted online. If the current restrictions are lifted by May 15, the exhibit may be moved  to the gallery for the remainder of May. The show will not be juried this year.

This is right up Andy’s alley, so he’s going to be submitting three photos of his jewelry to the exhibit. It’s a great way for him to introduce himself and his work to the local community. He’s also looking forward to having a little man-cave on our property where he can start working on more jewelry projects this year.

So that’s pretty much it for now. Next week will be extremely busy as we do the closing on Monday and then get moved into the new home base over the following few days. It’s going to be an interesting process, so stay tuned!

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Safe travels!!

5 thoughts on “Home Base Update – Closing in a Pandemic

  1. Whoo-hoo!!! When things get moving they really move!!! … it wasn’t that long ago I remember you talking about the mere possibility of maybe thinking about a home-base. If you don’t post anything before Monday, have a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!!! 😀 … and may that one thing that goes less than smooth, (there’a always at least one) be just a tiny little thing. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, we’re glad things are moving ahead so well for you guys! Nice! I had to chuckle a couple times as I read your blog, especially the caption under the photo of the suncatcher — “that wallpaper has to go!” I’m sure you two will be busy for a few days trying to decide what to take in from the RV (recliners?) and what to leave out, and I’m sure Andy will be glad to get back into a workshop and do his creative stuff again. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We won’t be taking any furniture in from the RV. We still plan to travel as soon as things open up again. But until the furniture stores open we may be sitting in lawn chairs in the living room for a bit. 😂


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