Update on Home Base Purchase, Coping With Self-Isolation

Currently in Escapees Dreamcatcher RV Park in Deming, New Mexico:

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the purchase of our home base property here in Deming. We had the home inspection done this past Monday. Andy and I met the realtor, the home inspector and his wife at the property so we could get a good look at everything. When we viewed the property prior to the offer we weren’t allowed to touch anything due to COVID-19, but during the inspection that restriction was lifted.

The seller had already moved all his furniture and belongings out of the home and the workshop, so that made it much easier to check everything out. While Andy hung out with the inspector looking at the exterior, I spent my time taking measurements of all the rooms so I can begin looking for furnishings. Per our contract, the seller left us the small dinette table with four cushioned chairs which is a perfect size for the two of us. He also left a queen-size bed (frame, headboard and mattress) in the master bedroom, and a full-size bed (frame, mattress and box springs) in the second bedroom, also per the contract.

The inspector said that the home is in very good condition for a 30-year-old manufactured home, but of course there are some items that need a little attention. On the exterior there are some places where the siding and trim have separated slightly, which could allow moisture penetration. There are a few places where the paint is flaking and you can see where touch-up paint has been applied. We’ll probably wind up having the entire home repainted.

The only major hiccup in the inspection was the evaporative cooler (for those of you who have never lived in the desert Southwest, think of it as air conditioning). We had requested that the cooler be de-winterized for the inspection so that we could verify that it was operational, but that had not been done.

We got the inspector’s report on Wednesday, and then responded to the seller that we wanted two things done: (1) have the evaporative cooler de-winterized and operational for inspection, and (2) upgrade the electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms to GCFI plugs, per current code. The seller has agreed to both of these requests.

So at this point, we’re still shooting for a closing on May 12, although we’re hoping that it can happen sooner.

The weather is starting to warm up here in Deming. It’s been in the mid-80’s during the day, but still nice and cool at night, in the high-40’s to low-50’s. Next week there is a big change in the weather forecast with high temperatures forecasted to be near 100° on Friday before dropping back down into the 80’s the following week. Fortunately we have two air-conditioners in the rig, and we’re plugged into 50-amp service, so we’ll be fine.

We’re still self-isolating, as everything in New Mexico is pretty much shut down–and we really don’t want to mix and mingle with folks right now anyway, no offence. I keep a bullet journal that I use to plan tasks and activities for the day, just so I can check things off my list and feel somewhat productive at the end of the day. My daily list is pretty mundane: read at least one chapter in a book, go for a 30-minute walk, mop the floors, make a grocery list, do the bookkeeping, etc. It’s not exciting, but it does help add some structure to the day. I’m binge-watching the TV show “ER” from the 90’s, while Andy spends most of his time reading, although he has started taking a daily walk, which is great.

At our realtor’s suggestion, we took a drive out to the country to check out the local superbloom of wildflowers that have appeared this spring after higher-than-normal winter rainfall. It was so nice to get out of the house and see something so beautiful.

But mostly, we only leave the park to go to Walmart for food and supplies. We take turns doing that so we both cut down on our chances for exposure. We also visit a water kiosk to get filtered drinking water about every five days, since Walmart has turned off their in-store water dispenser. We’ve been to Sonic twice for ice cream where we ate in the truck, and we’ve ordered pizza from Domino’s several times. When they deliver the pizza, the driver leaves the box on the back of the truck on top of the bed cover, and then we come out of the rig to retrieve it. Strange times indeed.

Here in New Mexico, the stay-at-home orders have just been extended through May 11, and the officials stated that they’re starting to plan for a gradual re-opening of businesses and society. I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone that we will NOT be returning to the old “normal” this year, so we’re even more confident that we’ve made the right decision to invest in a home base property.

So that’s where we are at the moment. Like everyone else, we’re just taking life one day at a time, just trying to entertain ourselves while staying healthy and sane. We hope you are happy and well, and that you’re coping successfully with this new reality.

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Safe travels!!

One thought on “Update on Home Base Purchase, Coping With Self-Isolation

  1. Congratulations on your new home base. We’re in Congress currently at North Ranch and will be another month. Like you considered purchasing either a lot or a home but we’re just not ready yet. Enjoy your new home base. Keep safe


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