Update on Summer Plans

We have our first work camping gig!

We were notified last night that we’ve been accepted for work camping positions in Colorado for the summer. We will be working at Mountain View RV Resort in Cañon City from late April through the end of September, in exchange for a site with full hookups and wi-fi.

We found out about the position through Workamper.com after we signed up for their Diamond-level membership, which allowed us to see the job postings as soon as they were released by employers. This particular posting came out on Tuesday, we emailed them our resume on Wednesday, and got a call from the owner late Thursday afternoon. After talking with us, he sent us a form outlining the duties to be performed and the terms of the compensation, followed by a questionnaire for us to complete which basically verified that we understood and agreed to the terms.

We completed the questionnaire and returned the form on Thursday night after we got home from the jazz concert, and last night (Friday), he contacted us by email to let us know we were in!

It will be a fairly easy gig. We’ll each be working 20-25 hours per week, along with three other couples. Andy will be working outside doing light maintenance such as cleaning sites after guests leave, keeping the bathhouse clean, escorting guests to their sites, maybe a little weeding. I will be working in the office, handling reservations, selling merchandise and snacks, cleaning the office bathrooms, vacuuming, and assisting Andy with cleaning the patio area.

We’ll have plenty of time for sight-seeing and relaxing. The owner said he tries to arrange the schedule so that each couple gets three consecutive days off about every other week. There’s a lot to see and do in the area, including Royal Gorge. Andy has been there before, but it will be a first for me.

The best part is that we will be able to park the rig for five months without worrying about dumping tanks or filling up fresh water. We’ll be able to run the fireplace, furnace or A/C as we please. We’ll be able to use the microwave, toaster, coffee maker, and television without running the generator. And we’ll have good wi-fi without using up our monthly data allowance from Verizon. The cats will be very happy because for five months they won’t have to be corralled into their crates for a travel day.

It’s already getting very warm here in Yuma. Andy’s last doctor appointment is scheduled for this Friday, so unless something unforeseen comes up, we’ll be pulling out shortly thereafter. Temperatures next weekend are supposed to be in the mid 80’s, which makes it even warmer inside the rig since we’re boondocking (our generator isn’t powerful enough to run the A/C).

We’ll be headed back to New Mexico—higher altitudes mean cooler weather, and our annual pass to the state parks means we can get a site with electricity and water for $4/night. We’ll just have to hop from park to park every two weeks until it’s time for us to head to Cañon City and report for work.

Yes, we’re excited about the prospects for the summer! It’s exactly what we had envisioned for our time on the road, at least until I reach 65 and start drawing my pension and social security. Find a beautiful spot to park for the summer in exchange for a free site, and then boondock in the desert in the winter where it’s sunny and dry.

It’s a great life!!

Last night’s sunset was epic here at Pilot Knob BLM LTVA!

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Safe travels!!

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