We’re Still Here, Getting Organized and Healthy, Lizzy Has a Buyer

Currently at Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston, Texas:

This is a just a quick update to let you know we’re still in Texas, and it looks like we’ll be here through the end of January, if not a little longer. As you know, we’re still waiting to receive the title on the new rig that we purchased from a private seller in December. The seller called us yesterday to let us know there was a little hiccup in the process–her bank had mailed her loan-payoff confirmation letter using an incomplete address, so it got lost in the mail somewhere. She’s working with the bank to get another copy so she can take it to the DMV and get the title work done. Not sure how much longer all that will take, but it is what it is.

In the meantime, we’re in a comfortable spot and the weather has been mostly cooperative–not too cold, not too rainy. We had really hoped to spend this winter in the desert Southwest, but most of the reports we’re getting from out there seem to indicate that they’re having a windy, wet, cold season this year; so maybe it’s best that we’re parked here in Texas. This delay will probably alter our plans for our late winter and early spring travels, but we’ll know more as things develop.

The delay is also giving us plenty of time to get the rig organized and complete the process of getting the truck outfitted. We got the hitch installed in the truck on December 30, along with the electrical plug that will connect the RV to the truck while we’re towing.

Hitch and electrical plug installed for towing Lizzy Too

Yesterday we got the bed cover installed, which will allow us to haul and/or store some things in the back of the truck securely. This will be especially important when we have equipment such as a generator in the truck and we need to drive into town–generators are notorious for growing legs and walking away.

New bed cover to keep things secure when we’re not hitched up

Speaking of generators, that should be the last large purchase that we need to make for this new rig. Since we enjoy boondocking, we need the generator to run larger electrical appliances such as the A/C, microwave, and Instant Pots. We’re still considering different options, trying to balance our energy needs against the weight and size of the generators. We want it to be powerful enough to run at least one of our two air conditioners if needed, but we don’t want the unit to be so heavy that we can’t lift it in and out of the truck bed. We’ll let you know what we decide on.

We also still need to get our batteries wired up to the solar charge controller so we can use our solar panels when we start boondocking again. That’s Andy’s project for today, determining what all we need in terms of wiring, connectors, fasteners, etc. to get that task taken care of.

We purchased an iBall wireless hitch camera to use when hitching up the rig. It arrived yesterday from Amazon, and I hooked up the camera to charge it overnight via its USB plug. This morning the light indicated that it was charged (light was green) but when I unplugged it, the light turned red, indicating that the unit was powered on and working. I pressed the power button to turn the unit off, but it won’t turn off, or at least the light won’t turn off. Guess I’ll have to call the company today to try and get it straightened out.

The inside of the rig is pretty much squared away. We had ordered a magnetic strip to hang on the wall to hold our knives, similar to what we had in our old rig. But when it arrived, it was VERY heavy, and we need to conserve weight. We’re sending that one back, and instead I ordered a knife tray that fits in the drawer, along with some drawer dividers to help organize the other utensils. We do a LOT of cooking at home, so it’s important to us to have our kitchen well-organized. I like the new knife tray a lot, even though it’s not such an efficient use of drawer space.

Utensils organized with new knife tray

Since we don’t have a lot of anything else going on, I decided to spend January concentrating on getting healthier. With all the stress of the past few months, we had let our diets slip quite a bit, mostly in terms of sweets and dairy products. But starting in January, I’ve resolved to cut out all refined sugar from my diet, including processed foods that contain sugar, to the extent possible. We’re back to eating our huge salads for lunch, and I’m cooking a lot more fresh veggies and legumes for dinner.

The additional living space in this new rig has also allowed me to start an exercise and stretching routine that I’m trying to develop to supplement my daily 3-mile walks. It’s just some body-weight exercises like lunges, squats, planks and push-ups, but the first few times I tried it, I realized just how out of shape I had gotten. My goal is to establish some good habits this month while we have some down-time so that I can continue them when we hit the road again.

Our home in Texas—for the moment

And finally, we have some news about Lizzy. As you remember, we delivered her to the consignment dealer on Monday, December 23, and with the holidays, it took them a little over a week to do the detailing, take photos and then get her listed on their website. But last Friday we received an email letting us know that they have a buyer for the rig! They will do a pre-delivery walk-through of the rig, testing all the systems, and if all goes as expected, they will set a closing date in 5-10 days. That’s great news!! We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes well.

So that’s all the excitement for the moment from our home base here in Texas. Hope you’re having a great 2020 so far, and that you’re following your dreams!

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Safe travels!!


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