The Big Move From Lizzy to Lizzy Too

Currently at Escapees Rainbow’s End RV Park in Livingston, Texas:

Can you believe it? We just spent our second night in our new home, our 2017 Grand Design Reflection 303RLS 5th Wheel, and so far we love it! It has been, and continues to be, an exhausting, stressful transition; but we firmly believe that the advantages gained from this upgrade will be worth the expense and the heart palpitations. 🙂

As we reported in our last post, we closed the deal on the trailer on December 10, but we agreed to let the seller remain in the trailer until the 18th so that she would have time to get her things packed up and moved out. During that week, we had some down time to relax a little bit and do some planning for our own move between rigs.

On Wednesday, the 18th, we met the seller at Lizzy Too about 11:00 AM  to do a final walk-through and ask a few more questions about systems and mechanics. The seller, Pat, left the rig in beautiful condition, and even left us a bottle of wine and some RV-friendly wine glasses to celebrate. We truly enjoyed getting to meet Pat, and before she drove away in her packed-to-the-gills truck, we exchanged hugs and promised to stay in touch. It’s obvious that she loved this rig, and we hope to keep the good karma going!

After we got the keys, we went back to our little Class C and fixed a quick lunch, and then we headed into Livingston to pick up a few things at Walmart that we would need most immediately in Lizzy Too. The first item was a good 3-inch, gel-infused mattress topper. Most RV mattresses are pretty uncomfortable for more than a quick nap, so the mattress topper was an essential purchase (and it’s SOOOO comfortable!).

We also picked up something that we will use very often but didn’t have room for in Lizzy–a toaster, and a bright red one at that! And to top things off, we also bought a little bitty Christmas tree and some decorations to place on the hutch–something else we weren’t able to have in our smaller rig.

After returning from Walmart, we drove Lizzy over to our new site and parked her right next to Lizzy Too. We have moved houses lots of time, but it’s a heckuva lot easier when you can just park your houses next to one another and walk stuff from one door to the next!

The first order of business was to get the kitties settled. First we brought in their new Genie litter box that they’ve been using for the past week. I wish we had known about this litter box months ago. It’s plenty large enough, but the sides are flexible and are shaped into handles so it can be picked up like a briefcase. Because we store the litter box in the shower, those handles make it so much easier to pick up and move when we need to sweep up the loose litter or use the shower for, you know, showering.

The Genie litter box in our old shower

Next we made up the bed, using brand new sheets but our existing blankets and quilts. Since the kitties spend a lot of time napping on the bed, we wanted them to have familiar scents to make them more comfortable. We also threw a couple of our quilts over the sofa and the recliners to make them more familiar, and also to protect the furniture from those back claws (we’ll be ordering furniture protectors once we measure everything).

Finally it was time to introduce Maggie and Molly to their new home. When I went into the rig to get Maggie, she was hunkered down in her hidey hole, so I just picked up the hidey hole with her in it and brought her into the new bedroom space. Of course she was freaked out, but she’s pretty adventurous and was soon exploring.

When I went back to get Molly, she was in the attic sitting on top of a storage bin, so I had to crawl up there and get her down. I wasn’t confident that she wouldn’t bolt out of my arms when we came out of the rig, so we crated her for the few steps to the new door, and then released her into the bedroom. She immediately started looking for a place to hide, and the only place available was under the overhanging bedding between the bed platform and the small nightstand. We let her stay there while we continued the move, checking on her occasionally.

We then continued with the essential stuff–the food. Andy emptied the old refrigerator and walked the food over to the new doorway where I grabbed the bags and loaded the food into the new fridge. After the fridge and freezer were done, we then started on the dry goods, putting them into the new pantry. I LOVE THIS PANTRY!! Seems such a silly thing, but after 15 months of having all our dry goods stuffed into storage bins in the overhead compartment of that Class C, the pantry seems like a true luxury!

Moving is always a messy, cluttered process.

We brought over most of the dishes and of course, all the coffee-making paraphernalia for the following morning. We moved most of our clothes, and all of our essential things from the bathroom. I grabbed our electronics (laptop, Kindles, etc), and with that, we had everything we needed for our first night. We took Lizzy back over to her campsite as it got dark, and then walked back to our new home.

We were pretty tired from all the excitement, and fortunately we had some leftover spaghetti in the refrigerator; so I just put together some coleslaw to go with it, and we enjoyed an easy dinner with the bottle of wine that Pat had left for us. Thanks again, Pat!! We decorated our little Christmas tree while listening to Christmas songs on SiriusXM via the Bluetooth connection from my iPhone to the rig’s audio system, and then relaxed in our recliners in front of the fireplace. It was freakin’ awesome!!

Decorating the Christmas Tree on night #1 in Lizzy Too

We got a pretty good night’s sleep on Wednesday night, although the kitties did wake me up about 4:00 AM and wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, so I got up early yesterday. They were pretty wired, getting accustomed to their new surroundings, but the food was familiar, so after having their breakfast, they settled back down for the morning–at least until we started the moving process again.

Andy brought Lizzy back over about 9:30 AM and we recommenced the process of moving our stuff. The new rig does have a lot more storage space in the kitchen and living area, but the bedroom and bathroom are still a bit limited, especially for two people. But we’ve managed to find space for everything at this point, although I’m sure we’ll do some reorganizing once we’ve lived in the space for a little while. I just kept wondering how we had managed to store all this STUFF in that little bitty rig!

By the middle of the afternoon, we had 98% of everything out of the the inside of Lizzy. We still need to go through the glove compartment, console, and a few more junk-drawer type things that are in our hanging shoe-pocket storage on the bathroom door.

Andy then began clearing out the basement storage, using the picnic table to organize and sort through things. Since we will need to be very conscious of the rig weight, we are making sure that every item that we keep is something that we actually need and will use. Of course there are some things that would only be used in case of emergency (i.e. fire extinguishers), but everything else must “carry its own weight”, so to speak.

We came across several things in our basement that we had carried with us for the past 15 months that we never used–our Little Buddy heater and other assorted camping gear, for instance. I’m not sure why we thought we would need camping gear when we were living in an RV, but that stuff will not make the cut for Lizzy Too. We’ll also be re-homing some things from inside the rig, like our small space heater and the dehumidifier. Both are too small to be effective in the larger rig, and besides, there’s an electric fireplace in Lizzy Too.

As part of the transition, we will be removing our Battle Born lithium batteries from Lizzy and putting them in Lizzy Too. We had planned to just swap the batteries, but the AGM batteries that Pat was using in Lizzy Too were too tall to fit into Lizzy’s battery compartment. So we purchased a couple of regular deep-cycle batteries for Lizzy, trading in the AGMs.

After a full day of moving and organizing, we took Lizzy back to her campsite, and then relaxed for the rest of the evening. I used the gas oven for the first time (Lizzy only had the microwave/convection oven) to bake some vegan chick’n nuggets, I steamed some baby potatoes with onions, and I used the microwave to heat up a steamer bag of green beans–so we made full use of the kitchen for our dinner.

Dinner on Night #2 in Lizzy Too. Vegan and delicious.

We got another good night’s sleep last night, and now we’re getting ready for another busy day. Andy will be getting the batteries swapped out on the rigs today, while I’ll be concentrating on giving Lizzy a good, thorough cleaning on the inside. The forecast is calling for rain chances for the next couple of days, so we’ll probably wait until Sunday to give her a bath on the exterior.

And then on Monday, we will drive her to Houston to the PPL Motor Homes consignment lot, where we’ll say our good-byes. I’m getting emotional about it already.

We also have an appointment to have the hitch installed in the truck. The parts arrived yesterday, but with the Christmas holidays next week, we agreed to wait until Monday, December 30 to have that done. It actually works out well, because we need to drive back to Liberty in the next week to pick up the things that we left in storage there when we traded trucks, and it will be easier to load that stuff in the truck without the hitch taking up room. While in Liberty, we will also pick up our truck tags and registration which have arrived at the dealership.

So we’re very, very busy, but we’re very, very happy. The only disappointment about the whole process has been that we had to cancel our trip to Carlsbad Caverns for the Escapees lint-picking hangout in January. Since we’re having to wait here in Livingston until the title comes in for the trailer, we weren’t sure that we would be able to get to New Mexico in time for the event. The last day to cancel our reservations without losing the entire $300 registration was today, so we decided to go ahead and cancel just to be on the safe side. We’re hoping that they’ll make this an annual event so we can participate in the future.

So that’s what we’re up to right now. Here are links to a few of our Instagram posts with photos of the interior of Lizzy Too, prior to us moving in:

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Safe travels!!

One thought on “The Big Move From Lizzy to Lizzy Too

  1. I got tired just reading about your “move.” It might be physically easier moving from one door to another, but I’m sure the decisions about what goes, what stays, and where it stays, have been a bit taxing. Happy for you and the extra space. M&M will benefit from having more room, too.


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