On The Road Again, Day 6: N. Little Rock AR to Tupelo MS

We made it!! Our Thanksgiving Pilgrimage is complete!

We left the Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock around 9:20 this morning, but not before I took a sunrise walk on the pedestrian bridge over the river.

The Arkansas River from the pedestrian bridge in Little Rock.

My goal was to locate a geocache that was hidden on the bridge, and I found it. It was my first cache from Arkansas, and I really wish we had time to hunt for more in that area. We really liked the park where we stayed, and will probably try to visit there again when we can stay longer.

An early morning geocache find!

As we hit the road we made our usual stop for gas at a Love’s station just outside Little Rock, and then settled in for some serious driving. We finally stopped for lunch at a Walmart parking lot in West Memphis, AR. We usually try to take a break before we drive through large cities or rough stretches of highway, and we knew getting through Memphis was going to be both.

We were lucky to be driving through Memphis on a Sunday so the traffic was somewhat lighter, but the condition of the roads and highways is absolutely terrible. I don’t know what Tennessee is doing with their tax revenues, but they’re not spending them on the stretch of Lamar Avenue between I-55 and the Mississippi state line!! And it’s been that way for years!

Ok, rant over.

After crossing into Mississippi it was about a 75-minute drive to the next fuel stop at, you guessed it, Love’s. But we had a special reason for stopping at this one, as it’s where my nephew Tyler works, and I wanted to surprise him and say “Hi”.

Fortunately he was working today so I got to see him, but they were pretty busy so we didn’t chat long. Hopefully we can catch up later this week or next.

We arrived at Tombigbee State Park around 3:00 and parked in our favorite spot, site #11. Even though we missed the peak fall colors, there are still a lot of leaves on the trees that are starting to fall, and with the smell of campfires in the park, it just brought back a lot of memories of growing up in this area–football and basketball games, hayrides, decorating for the holidays.

Getting set up in site #11 at Tombigbee State Park

After getting the rig set up, we finally got to see my Mom and Dad. We met them for dinner at Olive Garden in Tupelo, where we caught up on all the latest happenings. We started making plans for the next couple of weeks, and I’m so excited about getting to hang out with them for awhile.

So I won’t be blogging so much for the next couple of weeks, since our time here isn’t about RVing, it’s about family. Besides, the cell signal here in the park is very weak so it’s hard to upload. Sometime next week we’ll start planning our return route, and I’ll post here as plans develop.

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Safe travels!!

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