On The Road Again, Day 4: Mingus to Campbell

Currently at the Stinson RV Park near Campbell, Texas. We are traveling back to my hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi to spend some time with family for Thanksgiving. I’ll be doing a short update each day of our drive this week.

Today, our fourth day of driving on our Thanksgiving “pilgrimage” was a short day in terms of mileage (153 miles point to point), but it produced a higher-than-average level of stress by the time we got here and got settled.

Yesterday we took a “zero day”, a term I borrowed from the thru-hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail. We stayed put at the Cactus Rose RV Park near Mingus and just rested all day. I had thought about getting the laundry done, but they only have one washer and one dryer, and it just didn’t seem to be worth the trouble since we have plenty of clean underwear. I did some walking, reading, listening to audio books and working crossword puzzles; Andy read most of the day. In the evening I cooked enough dinner to have leftovers for tonight, and then I went to bed fairly early. I woke up early this morning feeling rested and ready for the day.

Cactus Rose RV Park near Mingus, TX

It got pretty cold again last night, cold enough to freeze the water in the hose between our rig and the water spigot. Fortunately we were able to just turn on the water pump and use the water from our onboard tanks. The hose thawed out pretty quickly once the sun came up, so no harm done.

We got on the road about 9:30 AM and headed east on I-20. Our first stop was at a Love’s station where we fueled up both vehicles for $2.049/gallon, the lowest price we’ve seen in ages. Andy also got the propane topped off at $2.99/gallon, and we were pleasantly surprised to find that there is no sales tax on propane in Texas. Once we were all fueled up, we took a deep breath and started our drive toward Fort Worth and Dallas.

We weren’t sure how heavy the traffic was going to be. On the plus side, we were traveling through the cities in the late morning, between the rush hours. On the other hand, it’s Friday, and sometimes the traffic gets heavy sooner in the day with people leaving work early for the weekend. But we found that traffic moved along pretty much at the posted speeds except for one little stretch  on the eastern edge of downtown Dallas, where it got really congested due to a disabled tractor trailer rig in the right lane. After that, it opened up again and all was good.

I think it might have been less stressful if traffic had been a little more congested so that everyone drove a little slower. But Andy handled the rig like a champ, and I just followed along behind to run interference for him when he needed to change lanes.

Traffic stalled at one point in Dallas (no, I didn’t shoot this while moving)

After we got out of the metro Dallas area, it didn’t take us long to get to Campbell where our RV park for the night is located. Unfortunately, we missed our turn and had to double back for about 7-8 miles, but we pulled into the RV park about 12:45 PM.

The Stinson RV Park is a fairly new, family-operated business. They have 79 RV spaces with full hookups (electricity, water and sewer). There’s a 3-acre pond on the property where you can fish (catch and release), and there’s a golf course next door. They have wi-fi, but as usual in RV parks, it’s not worth the trouble of connecting to it, it’s so slow. They do have laundry machines and showers, the latter of which I’ll check out before we leave tomorrow.

So, we pulled up to the office and I headed for the front door to get us checked in and get our site assignment. But the door was locked and there was a sign on the front porch that said they were gone to lunch and would be back “soon”.

OK, I could understand that, as it was in the middle of the lunch hour. The sign had a number you could call for someone named Margie, so I called the number to see if we could just go ahead and pick out a site and check in later (we were both hungry and ready to get settled). But my call went to voice mail, and the voice recording said the mailbox was full so I couldn’t leave a message.

So we figured we would just wait there in the parking lot for a few minutes until someone showed up. An hour later, still no one. Another fifteen minutes–no one. And then fifteen minutes more, and still no sign of Margie or anyone else (although one of the workmen had told us that they should be back any time.)

So since I couldn’t leave a voice mail, I decided to text this Margie person to see if I could get a response. Well, that worked. She called me back immediately, apologized profusely, and said we could just go ahead and pick out a site and get set up, so that’s what we did.

It wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Even though all the sites are pull-throughs, they all have a hump in the middle of them so they aren’t really level. But by now we’ve gotten pretty good at figuring out how many leveling blocks to put under each tire, and we had things set up pretty quickly.

All set up for the night at Stinson RV Park near Campbell, TX

We wound up finally eating lunch a little after 3:00 PM, so I guess it’s good that we’re just having leftovers for dinner tonight. Easy peasy.

I think we’ll probably sleep well tonight (Andy is already asleep and it’s only 5:25 PM as I write this). We’re right next to the interstate again, but we’re starting to get used to the constant hum of traffic.

Tomorrow will be a long drive, our second-longest of the trip, 263 miles. We’re headed to the Downtown Riverside RV Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Yes, tomorrow we finally get out of Texas!!

I’m hoping we’ll get a chance to meet up with my niece and her hubby tomorrow night while we’re in the area, as they live in or near Little Rock. We’ll see how it works out.

And then the next day we’ll end our pilgrimage in Tupelo! We’re almost there!!

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Safe travels!!

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