On The Road Again, Day 3: Loraine to Mingus/Gordon

Currently at the Cactus Rose RV Park in Mingus, near Gordon, Texas. We are traveling back to my hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi to spend some time with family for Thanksgiving. I’ll be doing a short update each day of our drive this week.

This will be a super-short update because I’m having to type it on my phone due to really sketchy internet service here.

Left Loraine this morning about 9:30. Cold and windy when we left, fortunately not much to unhook and stow away outside since we only stayed one night.

Stopped at Love’s about 16 miles down the interstate to fuel up both vehicles. Had planned to top off the propane as well but they were out.

Time to fuel up at Love’s

Continued on to Abilene where we parked the RV at Walmart and then took the truck to Burger King for lunch (the Impossible Whopper). When we got back to Walmart we did a little shopping and refilled our drinking water. I bought some blackout curtains to hang between the cab and our living space to keep out the cold air from the front of the rig.

The creme and red panels will help keep cold or hot air from the cab out of our living space

When we brought our stuff back out to the rig, Andy noticed that the rear drivers side tire on the Tacoma was low. He had checked all the tires on Sunday afternoon before we left Deming, NM, but by today there was only 10 pounds of pressure left in it.

Looks like we have a low tire on the truck

He drove the truck around to Walmart’s auto center and waited an hour until they could check it. They didn’t find any nails or screws in the tire. They inflated it to 70 pounds and put it in a tub of water and couldn’t find any leaks. They think the problem may be related to the pressure monitoring valve cap on the tire, it might not have been screwed all the way on. Anyway, we’ll keep an eye on it.

Left Walmart later than we planned, around 2:45, and continued east on I-20, arriving at Cactus Rose RV Park just after 4:00 PM. It’s a small park just off the interstate so there’s some traffic noise. They changed management in the past year and they’ve made a lot of improvements from what I understand. The sites are level and fairly close together, but we got a site on the end of the row closest to the small clubhouse and showers. They do have an outdoor pool and laundry facilities (one washer, one dryer), and like almost every other campground that tells you they have wi-fi, theirs sucks. With our Passport America 50% discount we’re paying $24/night for full hookups, the most expensive park on our trip.

I met the owner, Cindy, very nice lady, very helpful. We’re going to stay here two nights so we can take a day off from driving tomorrow. The kitties are doing great with the driving, but I think they’ll appreciate a break as well.

Parked in site #3 at Cactus Rose RV Park. We’re definitely the smallest rig here!

Tomorrow I’ll try to do a load or two of laundry but otherwise we’re just going to relax. We’re in the middle of nowhere, so there’s nothing to tempt us away from our camp.

We only drove about 144 miles today, not counting going from Walmart to Burger King and back. Our next drive on Friday will also be fairly short but it will be stressful as we’ll be going through Fort Worth and Dallas.

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Safe travels!!

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