Question and Answer Time

We received some questions from one of our blog readers, my friend Sara, regarding our transition to full-time RV life. Thanks for the questions, Sara!

We’ll each provide our own thoughts and perspective on each of the questions so this blog post won’t be so slanted toward my own ideas! 🙂

Question: What do you guys miss about brick and mortar life?

Andy: Probably the biggest thing I miss is my shop, my man-cave, my jewelry studio. It was my sanctuary.

Suzanne: Being the geek that I am, I miss having 24/7 high-speed broadband internet connectivity. So far we’ve had very good Verizon service everywhere we’ve been, and we do have the “unlimited” data plan, but I always wind up being throttled before the month is over. We can use our phones as hotspots for just about everything we want to do (i.e. streaming YouTube videos to the Roku attached to our television), but some things still require wi-fi (i.e. downloading and applying updates to Windows 10 on my laptop). I miss having that ready access to fast internet whenever I want it!

Question: Anything you gave away that you regret?

Andy: I don’t regret getting rid of anything that we got rid of, but I wish we could have sold some of the stuff that we just wound up donating.

Suzanne: The only thing that I’ve been able to think of is a little fabric-covered dense foam cube-shaped footstool/ottoman. It would have been perfect to put at the foot of the bed at night to make it easier for the cats (and us!) to get in and out of that high bed. I don’t remember where I got the last one, and I’ll probably never see another like it again.

Question: Any plans to go overseas?

Andy: No, unless we take a cruise or something.

Suzanne: Not in the RV, but I would definitely like to visit Italy and Greece. It’s on my bucket list.

Question: What’s surprised you two the most about this whole process? What hasn’t?

Andy: I was most surprised at how tired I would get driving the RV for long distances, and how stressful it would be dealing with heavy traffic. I was not surprised at all at how much I enjoy being out in nature surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

Suzanne: The most surprising thing for me by far was how fast the house sold. We were expecting to be in Tupelo probably through Thanksgiving, but we had a contract on the house in less than 24 hours after listing, and the closing went off without a hitch. We really had to scramble to get everything ready to move into the RV before we closed. But I have not been surprised by how easy it is for the two of us and the two cats to coexist in such a small space. We had a year to test it out and develop our routines, so it’s been a very easy transition to small-space living.

Thanks again to Sara for the questions. If you have anything you want to ask us about our life on the road or our transition from sticks-and-bricks life, be sure to leave a comment and we’ll try to answer your question in a future post.

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2 thoughts on “Question and Answer Time

  1. This may be the second comment that you see. I commented earlier today, and when I tried to send it I was required to log in to a WordPress account that I created a few years back with the name ChocBlizzard. The screen said that when I logged into that account, I would also be posting my comment, but so far I haven’t seen it. I think I’ve seen previous posts fairly quickly after I sent them.

    My questions were: Without giving specific numbers and amounts (unless you want to), how does RV life compare expense-wise to living in your house? And, what expenses or amounts of expenses have surprised you despite the research you did before launching into the RV life?

    A comment for Andy, who misses his “man-cave” — I can identify a little. For a long time I missed my darkroom, my creative outlet and relaxation place. Kathy told me she could tell the difference after I had spent some time developing film and printing pictures, going into the darkroom tense and wound up and coming out more relaxed.

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    • We are keeping detailed records of our spending and as soon as October ends I’ll be reporting some of our numbers. Wanted to wait until we had a couple of months to compare since we spent the entire first month parked in one place. So stay tuned for that blog post!


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