More Home Maintenance and Furniture Sales

Only three more days before our house goes on the market, so we’re scrambling to complete our “homework” list of repairs and maintenance items that the Realtors assigned us.

Last week Andy spent several hours painting the baseboards in the kitchen and breakfast room, after they had been scraped up pretty badly from the recent tile installation. The hardest part was getting to the baseboards in the kitchen counter toe-kick space, but he got it done.

Andy painting the baseboards in the kitchen

On Friday we had Todd Jordan come by to clean the roofs on both the house and the workshop. He advised against pressure washing because of the damage that the high pressure can do to the shingles, and instead he used a bleach solution to kill the mildew, mold and moss that had accumulated on the roofs. The workshop was especially gnarly since it had big clumps of green moss growing on it. Todd bleached it good on Friday and let it soak up the sun for the rest of the day, and then he came back on Saturday and applied another soaking of the bleach solution.

Todd applying bleach solution to roof to kill mold and mildew

The roofs were already looking much better, but he said that the next good rainstorm would wash all the dead moss and mildew away. Well, we certainly got that rainstorm this afternoon, and the roof does look much better! Another task completed!

Next item on the list was to continue cleaning up the shrubbery beds and putting out fresh pine straw. Both Andy and I worked our butts off in the heat and humidity on Saturday morning, pulling weeds, mowing, weed-eating and sweeping. This morning, Andy was back out there, distributing pine straw in the beds. It was so miserably hot and humid that I talked him into stopping at lunchtime even though he still had one more bale of straw to go. He will complete the job tomorrow, since he had to go get more pine straw anyway. I also bought some new flowering plants to put in the pots under the crape myrtle tree.

Andy adding fresh pine straw to the rose beds

Next on the list were a couple of spots on the ceiling where old leaks had left brown patches. The first one was in the kitchen, and it had been there since before we moved into the house in 2011. The Realtors had suggested we try dabbing it with bleach, so I mixed up a half-bleach-half-water solution and gave it a shot. And it worked! You can hardly tell there was ever a spot there. They said it might take a couple of applications, and to just let it dry in between, but I don’t think a second application will be necessary.

The other spot was in the garage, and was a result of the leak that we just had repaired last week. This spot was much bigger and needed more drastic measures. So we had our old contractor, Ben Jackson, do the work for us (he did our bathroom remodel for us last year). He came over today and replaced the section of the ceiling that was damaged, and got it mudded. He’ll come back tomorrow to texturize and paint it.

Ben working on ceiling repairs in the garage

In addition to getting all these repairs done, I listed a couple more pieces of furniture on Facebook Marketplace this weekend, and both are already sold!

SOLD – Antique armoire converted to entertainment center

SOLD – Desk chair I’ve owned since about 1992

So things are continuing to move quickly toward getting the house put on the market this week. I have just two weeks of employment left before I retire, but they are loading me up with work to do until the very last minute. I have a lot of company-owned equipment that will have to be shipped back to Baton Rouge, but they are sending me all the boxes and packing materials, and will have UPS come by the house to pick everything up on the Tuesday after I’m cut loose.

So that’s all the news for the moment. Andy and I need to sit down tonight and fill out all the paperwork to complete the listing agreement on Tuesday evening. It’s going to be an exciting week!

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