Let the 2018 RVing Season Begin!

This has been a miserably cold and wet winter, but wonder of wonders–this weekend is supposed to be beautiful here in Northeast Mississippi! So we have booked a reservation at Tombigbee State Park for the upcoming weekend, just about 18 minutes from our house, and we’re going to spend some quality time with Lizzy!

Got Lizzy uncovered for the year. Andy is inspecting the condition of the roof.

On my lunch break today we went to the storage facility and removed the cover from Lizzy, exposing her to the sun for the first time since last fall. We found a couple of little things that weren’t perfect–there was a little bit of water on the bathroom floor below the overhead vent, and the vent fan over the bed had a tiny bit of water caught in its bug screen. Both vent covers were intact, so we’re thinking it was probably (hopefully) just condensation. We plugged Lizzy in to shore power so the refrigerator can start cooling down, and I left a dehumidifier running inside. It’s supposed to rain quite a bit over the next 48 hours, so we’ll check to make sure there are no leaks.

On the outside, we found that a section of the vinyl insert trim molding had come loose above the cab on the passenger side. We were able to re-insert it into its track to cover the screws, but it may not hold since it’s been stretched. We’ll need to keep an eye on it.

Vinyl insert trim molding came loose while in storage.

We’re still making upgrades and improvements to systems in the RV. For instance, the TV is located in the over-cab area, and we watch from our seats at the dinette. On our previous trips in the summertime, we found that it was really hard to hear the sound from the TV while the air conditioner is running right over our heads. To resolve the problem, I purchased a YanLitek Bluetooth transmitter that plugs into the back of the TV and transmits the audio to our Hex 808 Bluetooth speaker. We can set the speaker on the dinette ledge right next to our heads while we watch TV or movies. Unfortunately there is a slight lag between the audio on the TV speaker and the audio transmission via Bluetooth to the Hex 808, so we can’t use both audio sources simultaneously, but just having the Hex speaker close to our ears at the dinette will make a huge difference.

YanLitek Bluetooth Transmitter, Portable Wireless Audio Adapter with 3.5mm and RCA Cable Adapter

Transmitter plugged in to the back of the TV using the USB port and the audio out jacks.

Here’s a link to the product description on Amazon. It was $18 and change, and is well worth the small investment.

Since we’ll have shore power for this camping weekend, we’ve decided to use a small Sunpollo ceramic electric heater for nighttime warmth (supposed to be in the high 30’s at night). After all, why deplete our propane supplies when we’re already paying for electricity? We ordered this heater for our RV from Amazon for $38.

This past Sunday afternoon we took a drive over to the park to check out the available sites. We’ve had a lot of rain lately, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t reserve a site that had a lot of standing water, especially around the picnic table or fire pit. We decided on site #15 as our first choice, and site #12 as our backup. By the time I got around to making the reservation on Sunday evening, site #15 was already gone. Bummer! But it just tells me that there are a lot of other people who are itching to get outside once the sun comes out and the the temperatures rise a little!

Now it’s time to plan the menu for the weekend and get the packing list printed out. So excited!!

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