Sizing Up the RV

Andy and I spent some time in the RV this afternoon. Yeah, she’s actually parked in a storage lot with her cover over her, but we took advantage of some spare time on this cloudy, dreary day to start sizing her up for future organization ideas.

We took pictures of every drawer, cabinet and vertical space, and recorded the measurements of each. We even measured the inside of the refrigerator and freezer.

I’ve stored all the photos and measurements in my Evernote cloud account so I can access them from any of my devices. If I run across something that looks like it would be a good organizational option, I want to be able to refer to my notes to know right away if it will actually fit in its intended spot.

It was a good exercise to actually eyeball the insides of all our little cubbyholes, because we found where the wiring and plumbing might interfere with storage, but we also found places where we could reconfigure things a little bit to gain a few precious cubic inches.

I think I’ll just keep that tape measure in my purse from now on, in case something at the Dollar Tree catches my eye! And now I’ll start thinking of all my clothes and possessions in terms of cubic inches (not to mention weight, but that’s another subject).

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