This Is The Year

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone!

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have been hanging out in the Southwestern U.S. for the past few months, you’re probably dealing with unusually cold weather as we are here in North Mississippi.  Between the holidays and the weather, we have not had a chance to spend any time in Lizzie since we returned from Tennessee in early October, and I miss it so much!

Right now Lizzie in covered up and tucked in at the storage facility. We winterized her when the weather first turned cold, but we still go by every week to check on her and keep the batteries topped off.

Lizzie is covered up in the storage lot, but we check on her every week.

But the excitement is building! This is the year that everything changes!

Our plans to become full-time RVers this year are starting to accelerate. Since I am still employed full-time, I won’t reveal too much about our plans right now in this public forum, but I can tell you that we’re getting our house ready to go on the market. Last week we had our kitchen and laundry room floors redone, replacing the old worn laminate stick-on tiles with new ceramic tile. Of course we already had the master bathroom remodeled last year, so we’re hoping the improvements will add to the value of the property when we list the house later.

We replaced the tile in the kitchen and laundry room in January. This is while grouting was in progress.

We’re continuously looking for things to declutter, discard, donate or repurpose. We’re finding so many examples of over-consumption, duplication and needless hoarding–typical behavior for societies that have houses with space to fill. The process of downsizing is a little harder for Andy than it is for me as I don’t tend to get as emotionally attached to things in general. But even I have things that I struggle with letting go of, and I have to continually remind myself why it’s important to just let it go.


So, this is going to be the year when it all happens. Right now the posts to this blog will be somewhat infrequent while the weather is so cold, but as soon as we’re able to stay above freezing for a reasonable length of time, we’ll hit the road again for more shake-out adventures.

Like I said, I don’t want to reveal a whole lot about our plans until about July, but just know that this year is going to be epic. So stay tuned and follow along!


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